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We provide free weekly tutoring for 1st to 6th graders from Monday through Thursday from 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm in the surrounding schools in the Grand-Goave region. Each certified tutor is assigned to 5 students to ensure individualized attention to student needs.


We provide an open, safe place to learn, grow and discover. Prior to each session scholars are served an after school meal. This program supports local educators as well as provide scholars the push they need to succeed. 



As 1 in 5 children in Haiti are malnourished. This program is to help address local food needs and provide environmental education to students as well as promote reforestation and community gardening.

In partnership with Eatwell Exchange, we are developing a community garden, providing agriculture education, healthy eating and daily meals for 85 kids.


Youth Development  

Youth development programs, such as summer camps, play a crucial role at Carl's Village by providing a nurturing environment for the holistic growth of our young community members. These programs go beyond traditional education, offering a space where children can explore their interests, build essential life skills, and form lasting friendships.


In the vibrant setting of Carl's Village, youth development initiatives empower children to discover their passions, cultivate resilience, and develop a sense of responsibility and leadership. Through engaging activities and positive mentorship, we foster a supportive community that encourages curiosity, creativity, and personal growth, laying the foundation for confident and well-rounded individuals who will contribute to the flourishing future of Haiti.


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