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Be part of our village by sponsoring a child for the school year. Be the extra push a child needs by donating $40 a month to provide, tutoring, clean water, healthy food, as well educational field trips. We will be sure to keep you updated on the scholars' progress with little notes and pictures throughout the year.



Choose to be part of our village and support in the youth development of Haitian scholars with your charitable activities for the duration of a year or more. Sponsor an event or program gives your company the opportunity to align with the message that our youth matters and we believe in them. Events and programs available for sponsorship include the back to school drive, Christmas and holiday celebrations, tutoring program, agriculture and community gardening program, after school meals, field trips, health education program. We are grateful for financial support as well as goods and services. 


Help us foster a commitment to young people in Grand-Goâve, 



We are thrilled that you are considering a trip to Haiti and visit our village!

Currently we can host groups up to 8 and we provide the opportunity to work alongside our youth and staff and learn about Haitian culture as much as they will learn from you, an exchange and experience that is both positive for you and the locals.  We can provide accommodations on our gated and guarded grounds for 4 to 6 days during summer months, we can include an group excursion. With your skill set you can provide summer workshops for our scholars such as sports, arts, music, dance, karate, health, dental to be discussed and coordinated between volunteers and our staff. Each individual will be responsible for a donation contributing to summer activities for our youth as well as accomodations. 


Accommodations included:

Room with a/c units and private bathrooms, transportation, meals and excursion expensive dependent on the group.


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